Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Changing BACK to Blogger

I liked wordpress, I really did. But in the end, it was just easier to come back to Blogger since this is what the majority of people are using now. Not that I want to conform to the masses...Lord knows I dont want to do that and didnt come back for that reason. Everything is just easier here. That, and the fact that wordpress allows NO advertising on their system. This seriously limited me with adsense since they wont allow it.

I need to generate some more revenue to my meager earnings so I did put up adsense on my blog. I usually wouldnt put advertising at all on anything that I do, but if I can make an extra dime here and there, what is it hurting, ya know?

Anyway, here I am. Back on blogger. Cant import my old posts, so I guess Im starting over. I guess Ill stay here for a while. I kind of like it. Doesnt have the functionality that wordpress has in some areas, but it far surpasses wordpress in others. It's that others that I need from my blog and WP just didnt cut it.

So, Ill be here for a while. Anyone wanna throw me a housewarming party, Im up for it. :)


wordsmith said...

Sending you a virtual housewarming gift! Thanks for your kind words about my post about babysmell and for adding me to your blogroll of blogs you read daily. :) I am truly touched!

Teige Benson said...

Welcome back.

And really, I would have brought a gift but I didn't have a chance to get to the store before I read your post this morning. (Yeah, that works)

Jerry Allen said...

LOL...well, you owe me one, Teige!

Wordsmith...I love the stories about your little boy. Kinda cool to have a girl about the same age and can see what you are talking about. Your stories of him just put a smile on my face.

Janna said...

Been out of town or I'd've welcomed you sooner... Got your link changed.

Good luck, you Blogger conformist, you.