Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Do we NEED another reality show?

Pete Tzinski over at CarrpeeDiem blogged yesterday about the writer's strike going on in the entertainment business. Now, I know why they want to strike...they are getting screwed and the producers are getting richer by the day.

My question is, can we use just ONE more reality show? That is what we are about to get. We will have more reality shows that we will know what to do with in the next few weeks if this strike goes on. How many more ideas can they come up with for a reality show? It seems like that is all that is on now, anyway.

I just hope that the writers get what they deserve. The producers are taking these shows and blasting them on the internet and on DVD and they are making BILLIONS off of the Intellectual Property of these writers. The writers arent making a dime off of the sale of the DVD's etc.

I say good for the writers for standing up and demanding a change so that they can get paid what they deserve. On the other hand, I just wish they didn't do this so I wont have to watch "At Home with Ghandi" or some other stupid reality show.


Virginia Lee said...

Chocolate? Would it be dark chocolate with lots of antioxidants and endorphin-creating goodness? Hmmmmmmmmm?


I despise reality shows because in general they are so NOT reality, but mere exploitation. That said, I watch Tyra and the model wannabes as well as those nekkidish girls next door with some regularity. I am not interested in shows where people have to eat bugs or live with slimy things or sell snakeshead chowder to passersby. My favorite reality shows are the real estate shows on HGTV and TLC. Those? Amuse me. And I learn stuff.

Good post, Jerry.

wordsmith said...

Oh noooooo! Not another reality show...which I don't really "get" anyway. I admit to watching the first few seasons of the "real" first reality show "The Real World," but that was a long, long time ago. I hope the WGA writers get their concessions, because the last thing we need is more content-poor reality TV. On the up side,maybe people will start reading more, going outside more, actually interracting with reality.

Ooops...gotta step off of my soapbox now. Hopefully, I won't trip.

Jerry Allen said...

Hey Virginia...It's rich DARK Chocolate! Welcome to the blog!

Wordsmith, I hate reality shows...The real world that had Puck on it was my last one. I loved it until that one was over.

Maybe these strikes will help ALL writers as people and producers will now know that they cant run over the writers!

Pete said...

If it weren't for the delightful educational programs I watch (Mythbusters, Dirty Jobs, Survivorman, etc, etc,) then I would have just canceled the silly TV already. The writers strike promises me, as you say, more high quality reality TV shows like the Very Very Creepy "Kid Nation," or the Very Very Weird "Dog The Bounty Hunter," and I can do without the heebie jeebies from either one of those.

I figure, cancel the cable, play more video games with my wife, read more books, buy the shows I like on DVD...AFTER the writer's strike gets sorted out.

Easy. :)