Thursday, November 8, 2007

Well, aint this a kick in the head...

I found out today that I am about to be jobless.   The thing is, I found out that Im going to be jobless by mistake.  My wife was perusing the jobs ads, as she always does, and finds an ad for the store that I work in.  She clicked it and it was for MY job!  What a crock!  We have been slow...S-L-O-W and haven't been selling a lot of anything at all.  Apparently, they think that is MY fault, I guess.  

The fact is, and I have brought this up, they do not advertise ONE BIT. They will advertise for the other two stores, but never for ours.  Now, if you owned a business and needed sales, wouldn't YOU advertise to get that business in the store?  I would.

So, I am about to be jobless...when, I don't know, but I do know there is an ad for my job.  So, it's back to the job hunt for me starting tomorrow.  I'm going to bury my nose in some job sites and get something better than I have now.  I didnt care too much for this job anyway as the pay was lousy and the hours sucked.  But it was a job.  I feel terrible about it now and I have a knot in my stomach and I KNOW Im not going to sleep very well tonight.  Hell of a way to find out, that's for sure!

Any of you have any freelance writing you need help with?  I'll work cheap :D


Tina said...

I feel for you Jerry. Do you HAVE to work? It's tons different if you do. I don't, but I was trying to help out a bit more.

I threw out a couple of queries to see if I get a bite. My fingers are crossed for another contract job. I hope that it doesn't come to fruition, but if I were you I'd be looking around as a "just in case" :)

Be well,

Teige Benson said...

Yikes - that's a terrible way to find out news like that.

Chin up and find something you enjoy - and for better pay.

Jerry Allen said... I said, I didnt sleep well. I am in a state of depression now. today was my day off and all I did as worry about it. Im in a jam, that is for sure!

Jerry Allen said...

Tina...yeah, I HAVE to work as I am the only one in my house that does. I have to bring home the bacon...This sucks as I have nothing to fall back on. Already used the emergency money.

Teige...I hope you are right, man...I need to find something better with more pay anyway, but the security of just HAVING a job is what drives me sometimes, ya know?

WritingAllNight said...

Wow. Sorry to hear about this. It's a rough thing to lose your job when you're the only one working. It's kind of how I ended up doing this full time. I'll keep an eye out for gigs for you. Take care and don't worry too much, something better is coming.

The Quoibler said...

The snarky side of me suggests that you send in a resume... to your current employer. If they are so bass-ackwards about advertising, they might not even notice!

In all seriousness, I'm certain you'll find something to replace this job. You have our support out here in Bloggerland!

(FYI -- I found your site from your super-nice comment on my "Clarity of Night" submission -- thanks! It made my day... I wish I could return the favor!)

Tina said...

I feel for you Jerry. Especially in today's times...its rough out there.
I wish you luck on everything. Brush up that resume and start it on its mass exodus. Perhaps you can have a new, better job lined up before you hear it face to face.
Hugs to you my friend,

Church Lady said...

This is the cynic in me. But, seeing you have nothing to lose from this current job, here's my take:

Your immediate boss is blaming you for his mistakes.

Do you know your boss' boss? Or how to contact him/her?

I'd spend tomorrow writing up an advertising plan and then I'd send it to your boss' boss. I'd be proactive, show how smart you are, how in touch you are with the business. And maybe, (even though there's a small chance) you could get promoted and your boss' conniving ass is out the door.

But you have to be careful in what you say. You don't want to sound like a disgruntled employee. You want to sound like an optimistic go-getter with plans/ideas.

Just an idea, for what it's worth.

I hate back-stabbing jerks. Go show your talent. And do it now!

Irreverent Freelancer said...

You know, my brother had this happen to him once and he never lost his job. When he confronted his manager about it, he was told that they advertise for all the branches just to lure applicants in, but they don't necessarily place them in the locations and positions they advertise for. So, if you're in a big company, the writing may not really be on the wall. And if it is, look at it as fate that you're meant to pursue a writing career. Had it not been for the company I once worked for going bankrupt, I might never have become a writer.

Jerry Allen said...

yeah...well, it was definitely MY job that they were advertising for. :D

I got the axe on Saturday and have pretty much been in a funk ever since then. This is why you havent seen any new posts from me in this blog in a few days (or anyone elses for that matter).

The good news is that I have a job already lined up for me, except I dont WANT that I dont ever want to have to go back into the car business and this is at a car lot. Ill work it until something better comes along, but I am going to hate every second of it.

The BETTER news is that I have an interview tomorrow (Tuesday) for a job that I would LOVE to have. It is a corporate recruiter position that I have the skill sets for. I have an IT background as well as an extensive sales background. The supervisor i spoke with on the phone today said that my resume was really impressive and he wanted to meet with me ASAP. So, I go tomorrow at 1 for that interview ...wish me luck!!

Jerry Allen said...

Writing all night, thanks! Please let me know if you find anything as far as gigs are concerned...

Tina...I do have a job lined up...not what I WANT though, but I have an interview for one tomorrow that I would give my left arm for...

Quoibler...That was the first thing my wife said to me when she saw it...for me to send a resume to them. LOL

Chruch are 100% correct. It WAS my boss blaming me for his faults. And they never gave me the chance to write anything...I was gone Saturday morning.

irreverent freelancer - This is a family company that has 3 different stores. Only myself and my boss worked in the one I work in and they were advertising for MY mistaking it. :)

Thanks everyone for the means a lot. Now, if only one of you could shoot me a freelance gig to "help you out"..that would be cool..LOL